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Sheree Whitfield And Simon Guobadia Turn on Porsha

April 24, 20243 min read

I really can’t be mad at Sheree Whitfield for pulling two stunts in a span of a couple of hours. Keep in mind she’s had to sit and watch people celebrate Porsha and Kenya’s RHOA Season 16 announcement as if she is not the only REAL RHOA OG in the good graces of the network right now.

Sheree Whitfield Rehires Martell To Secure Another RHOA Peach

I am always minding my business and looking into leads about Kenya Moore fighting for her life to defend herself against haters on the norm. Like the ones who keep pitting her against Beyonce’s new Cécred Hair Care line. When I get a notification about Sheree Whitfield posting to instagram and something in my sprit tells me to go investigate. Now the photo is cute and everything but is was something about the caption that reads: SHE gets her way; and these hashtags really draws me in.

Sheree Whitfield Teasing RHOA Return

Sheree Whitfield And Simon Guobadia

Sometimes I feel like She By Sheree should be SHE by ASHAMED. It’s moments like this where I really can’t even protect her yall. Sheree knows exactly what she is doing when she links up with Porsha’s disgruntled ex Simon Goubadia and makes sure we know about it. Yes, Sheree Whitfield and Simon Guobadia are mighty bold!

Simon made posts on Instagram letting fans know that he spills all Porsha’s tea with our friends at SheNews. He captioned his post saying: Great breaking bread with good and loyal friends. #loyalfriends

I can’t even take Simon serious at this point; he is a known troll. Simon really needs to get into stand up comedy because where is all of this sassiness coming from? And then I feel like this is where Sheree really incriminated herself because why was she the one taking photos and videos letting us know that she and Simon are in cahoots and letting porsha know that she’s has picked a side and we all know how that went with Nene Leakes.

Do you think Sheree Whitfield and Simon Guobadia are more than friends?

What do you think about this?

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