Kandi and Mama Joyce SLAM LaTocha Scott for LYING AGAIN!

April 11, 20231 min read

It’s Justin Diego back with another bingeworthy video and today we have to talk about how Latocha Scott has found herself in the hot seat again after what seemed to be yet another bold faced lie. And at this point I can’t even protect you anymore sis because we can’t even try to blame this one on shady behind Rocky.

Latocha Scott Exposes Mama Joyce in WWHL Interview
Ok if you watched the last episode of SWV & Xscape you know that episode 6 finally closed out the storyline and although they made it to the end and finally did one show together, there probably wont be a joint tour between the two of these R&B super groups.
But the most bingeworthy moment really happed after the finale when Andy Cohen brought LaTocha Scott on WWHL to finally answer for all her shenanigans on and off the show.

0:00 Latocha Scott Comes for Mama Joyce
1:11 SWV and Xscape Show Episode 6 Finale Review
1:56 Latocha Scott Exposes Mama Joyce in WWHL Interview
2:41 Fans React to Latocha & Mama Joyce Drama
3:49 Kandi Burruss & Mama Joyce Clap Back on AMP Podcast
6:04 Fans React to Mama Joyce Clapback
6:59 Is Latocha Scott a Liar?

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