Atlanta Housewives Turning on Kandi Burruss | RHOA Season 15

May 4, 20232 min read

Official Cast for RHOA Season 15

It’s Justin Diego back with another bingeworthy video and today let’s talk about some pretty serious new developments with the RHOA Season 15 Cast that I actually find bingeworthy. Starting with Kandi Burruss saying these girls are turning on her.

RHOA Season 15 Cast Shakeup

When rumors first started swirling about RHOA season 15, the reports were saying that Bravo Kept everything the same. Then I hear that there were actually 2 new women filming named Janelle Stephens and Courtney Racquel bumping the cast up to 8 housewives.

RHOA Cast Coming for Kandi Burruss

Everybody knows that Kandi is and has been the reigning queen of the Atlanta Housewives for a while now, so after she worked her magic and successfully managed to shut down Phaedra Parks’s RHOA comeback AGAIN. I was actually shocked that Kandi recently went on her Amazon Live saying that she has been stressed yall because the girls have been coming for her neck.

Return of the RHOA OGs Deshawn Snow & Lisa Wu

Now when I saw Deshawn Snow back in the mix last season for like 3 seconds for Sheree’s She By Shien launch event. Yall, I found myself delusional & wishing they had mic’d up my good sis and got enough of a conversation that would warrant a cute little confessional. But then I had to reel myself back in yall bc whew! I stan Deshawn’s RHOA season 1 vibe so much! Whew! But maybe I Ain’t all that delusional after all because fast forward to present day and Deshawn Snow and Lisa Wu have made multiple link ups with fellow Atlanta Housewives OG Sheree Whitfield which made it on the gram and yall, it’s giving me all the feels.

0:00 RHOA Season 15 Rumors
1:17 RHOA Season 15 Cast Shakeup
2:38 RHOA Cast Coming for Kandi Burruss
4:20 RHOA OGs Return
4:53 Deshawn Snow Returns to RHOA
5:52 RHOA Still Filming Season 15

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