Now Reading: Kenya Moore Officially Marc Daly Finalized ‘World’s Longest Divorce”


Kenya Moore Officially Marc Daly Finalized ‘World’s Longest Divorce”

December 13, 20232 min read

Kenya & Marc Daly will be twirling on; just not with each other.

Kenya Moore, the master of ceremonies for “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” drama, has officially declared her independence from Marc Daly, putting an end to their legal saga that’s been dragging on like a soap opera marathon since May 2021.

Kenya Opens Up About Her Nasty Divorce

In her grand proclamation on December 12, Kenya exclaimed, “After more legal battles than a courtroom drama marathon, I’ve finally snagged that divorce decree!” She then proceeded to thank her personal cheer squad, saying, “Big shoutout to everyone who kept me in their thoughts and prayers during this dramatic saga. You’re the real MVPs!”

But fear not, for Kenya isn’t wallowing in the divorce doldrums. No, she’s strutting into the next chapter of her life like a boss, declaring, “I’m ready to embrace this single mom life and show my daughter what real housewife hustle looks like!”

Kenya Moore Still Open to Love

And just when you thought the curtain had fallen on Kenya’s love life, she hits us with a plot twist worthy of a rom-com sequel. “Despite the legal chaos, I’m still a sucker for fairy tales. So, mark my words, my happily ever after is out there somewhere, just waiting for its dramatic reveal!” she exclaimed, leaving us all wondering if her next beau will come riding in on a white horse or a reality TV camera crew.

And let’s not forget the foreshadowing at BravoCon 2023, where Kenya, with the precision of a psychic housewife, predicted her own marital freedom. “Watch out, world! By 2024, I’ll be strutting the single life like it’s nobody’s business!” she declared, proving that sometimes reality TV is even crazier than fiction.

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