What Made Nene Leakes Snap About Real Housewives of Atlanta on Instagram?

Hi housewives fans It’s Justin Diego back with more BingeWorthy videos. You know, the only thing worst than going thru summers with the Real Housewives of Atlanta is going thru summers without Real Housewives of Atlanta Tea. From every casting rumor to every unauthorized peace of grainy footage captured from someones cell phone that gets posted to Instagram, we just can’t get enough.

That’s why you can always find new articles about the show from all your favorite news sources almost anywhere.  And of course you’ll find the best one shared right on my Instagram page @RealHousewivesOfAtlanta. Right now that page is dedicated specifically to all things housewives with my personal twist.

Nene Leakes Makes Here Comeback

The summer kicked off just right a few weeks ago when Nene Leakes revealed the she was coming back to the show full time in a way that only an Original Housewife could.

Meanwhile, Leakes has plenty of reasons to celebrate her comeback. According to Rolling Out, she is currently one of the highest paid cast members on Bravo’s payroll, pulling down some $2 million this season.

Nene Leakes Filming

Apart from the huge salary, Leakes will receive preferential treatment as far as production schedules are concerned. This means that filming will fit around Leakes’ business schedule instead of her having to juggle everything herself. Leakes has been a part of the series since the beginning but took a few years off after Season 7.

Fans have captured and shared photos of Nene filming with some of the ladies already and I have to say it made my heart melt to see here and Cynthia Bailey Joined at the hip again. Is their friendship contract back in effect?

Nene Leakes Snaps on Instagram |  #FakeNews

Apparently Nene Skipped church and instead decided to sort thru some online gossip. That is the only way I can explain what happened when made a post to her instagram that is not only full of shade, but also loaded with organic Peach Tea!

It reads:

Where does all this stuff keep coming from? fights, glasses thrown! If ANYBODY dream of this shit, they are catching a fucking case! I will sleep on the court house steps to bring a bitch to justice if they don’t catch what’s under the front seat of my car first☝?#nothappening#stoplying #bitchgonebeinhandcuffs#idontgetdownlikethat #grownwomanshitPS: I am very clear about who the chemical imbalanced housewife is that’s looking for a moment but they are not gonna get it: I am very clear about who the chemical imbalanced housewife is that’s looking for a moment but they are not gonna get it

Now Wait…

The article mentions that there are rumors of the laying of hands so of course a lot of people shared it and some even DM’d the story to me. Here’s the thing, I have been doing this a really long time so by now I understand the way this whole filming process works….

It looks like the new season is going to give us the change that we’ve been asking for after all. So far we are seeing a different side to all the ladies but we cant help but brace ourselves for the drama that we know is coming

Are you excited to have Nene Leakes back on the show? I like reading your comments so go ahead and comment below and tell me what’s on your mind. And if you haven’t already, go ahead and  subscribe to Binge-worthy now for more Real Housewives of Atlanta tea!

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