Nene’s Not Sorry For Spitting At Kenya #RHOA

Since we first caught wind of the Real Housewives of Atlanta Mid Season Trailer at the top of the year we’ve all be waiting to see how bad things got between Kenya and her Husband that led to their divorce and of course we wanted to know Did Nene Leakes actually spit on Kenya after all.

It’s Justin Diego back with another bingeworthy video and today let’s talk about how I just can’t get over Nene out here declassing the show and letting things escalate to this point all while the cameras are rolling for the The Real Housewives of Atlanta.


Nene Leakes Spit At Kenya Moore on RHOA

Back when we first caught wind of #SpitGate I remember being one of the people who was giving Nene the side eye for this stunt right here especially after it appeared that she really showed no remorse for her actions.

If you watched Sunday night’s episode you saw that just when it seemed things had finally started looking like they were changing for the better, things quickly went from bad to worst when Nene Leakes flipped out on Production yet again.

What had happened was Cynthia and Kandi were apparently about to do some role playing where they were gonna reenact Nene and Kenya in an attempt to finally get these two to put the drama behind them and honestly it felt like the idea was shady from the start.

And while everyone was gearing up for a good roasting session we saw Nene get uncomfortable and she ultimately tried to exit stage left. That was until production tried to keep her from running off so that they could finish the scene and Nene snapped.

What do you think?

Written by Justin Diego

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