Kenya Moore Makes Serious Allegations About Marc Daly

Kenya Moore Makes Serious Allegations About Marc Daly

On Sunday night’s episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta Kenya Moore finally opened up to the Bravo cameras about what happened that shady night in Atlanta that led to her abrupt announcement about her splitting from her Husband Marc Daly. And if you watched this episode your mouth probably dropped to the floor when Kenya laid it all out on the table. And Honestly if you’re like me you’re still shook because this is way too much.



It’s Justin Diego back with another bingeworthy video and today let’s talk about what led Kenya and Marc to officially call off their marriage and why I’m wondering if there is any coming back after news like this.


Kenya Moore Accusing Her Ex Husband Marc Daly of Cheating

If you already watched my last video you saw that I was so shook about this news that I couldn’t really even get into the tea but here it goes. Obviously I already knew a few details about Kenya and Marc’s spilt and I’ve shared quite a bit with yall here on my channel but when I got this episode the other day my mouth dropped to the floor.

First of all I couldn’t believe that Kenya was actually voluntarily spilling her tea and I couldn’t believe that the tea was so bad. What I mean by that is, sometimes there are things that come out and if producers or castmates find out about it they have the power to bring it to the show and then you’re forced to defend yourself and acknowledge the story. This happens all the time on the show, think Phaedra and Mr.chocolate, the Porsha and Dennis cheating scandal, and of course Tanya’s fiancé and the cookie lady allegations. Then there are some times when you bring the tea your damn self because you want the whole world to know and you want them to have something to say. That’s what has me so lost for words.



Kenya girl… you know after you laid all this out there is really no coming back from this right? Yes Kenya revealed that on the same night after Marc Daly flipped out on production and shut down production, he let her have it too on the ride home. Apparently it got so bad, their Uber driver kicked him out of the car out of fear that something might go too far between him and Kenya.

Tanya Sam Finds No Pleasure Kenya Moore’s Pain

Speaking of Tanya, I can’t even say I was surprised at how she handled receiving news of Kenya’s split from Marc because we already stan this classy queen.

Yes, a lot of fans are feeling like Cynthia and Kandi are being unrealistic about them wanting people to not speak about Kenya’s divorce situation. And although I love Kenya I do understand why people feel like her previous actions on the show make it fair game when it comes to feedback about her relationship right now.

What do you think?

Written by Justin Diego

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