The Truth About Kenya Moore’s Awkward Marriage on RHOA

The Truth About Kenya Moore’s Awkward Marriage on RHOA




Kenya Moore has been married for a few months now and people are still asking: Is Kenya Moore Really Married? 🐸

It’s Justin Diego with another Binge-worthy video and today let’s talk about Kenya Moore’s marriage again, This time I’ll be sharing some of the reasons why I believe she is married and discussing some things that may have people thinking the whole thing is a scheme.

This season we’re getting to see a different side of Kenya Moore where she’s calmer and more married, but is this thang for real?

You know by now that Kenya got married and you know most of the ladies think its real, but that doesn’t mean that they have decided to hold o ff on their shade.

On the latest episode, Kenya had an awkward scene where she called Marc several times, and I cant tell if she kept getting sent to voicemail or if she was deleting the messages to make sure she got the message just right.

After that Nene came over to Moore manor for the first time and like I told y’all before we can count on Nene to be the voice of the fans. She pointed out the fact that Mac’s closet was less than full. She also pointed out the fact that several of his outfits had not been worn. So let’s chat.

I wanna believe that Kenya is really Happily married, but is she trying to hard to overcompensate? Like come on how can you make those rookie mistakes? Honestly Kenya if you are trying to stage bae’s closet…. remove the tags sis…. remove the f_ tags!

Ok here are 3 theories that I have about this whole marriage then I want to read the comments to see what you think.

1: Kenya is happily married but her guy is just not interested in publicly humiliated like the rest of the husbands have been over the course of this show. Let’s face it Peter got called a bitch, Todd got called a broke opportunist, they worked Apollo’s nerves so bad we all know how that ended, Poor Cordell got called , gay, controlling, and everything else but a child of God.

2: Kenya’s plan to officially get married went wrong. The leaked photos from the island could have been just a photoshoot she always had on her bucket-list.

3: Maybe they really did get married but have already separated because everything went public against his wishes. That could explain why they obviously are living apart and why we’ve only recently started to see them being captured together publicly. In pictures that are questionable if I might add.

Again, I personally thing Kenya is worthy of love and I really believe they are married. All I have to say is if it comes out that this was some sick scheme that played out way too long, I would be so disgusted. Comment below and let me know what you think about the marriage, If you don’t think Kenya Moore really is married, tell us why!


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