Breaking: Kenya Moore Could Lose Her Home Over $7000 Tax Debt

Breaking: Kenya Moore Could Lose Her Home Over $7000 Tax Debt


I have some breaking news out of Atlanta Georgia right now that I really do not want to share but I know I have to. Kenya has been having a very bittersweet year and it looks like today is more on the side of Bitter.

The holidays are around the corner but for someone, Christmas is coming early, because if you’re willing to stand down at the Fulton County courthouse at 10am next Tuesday, Moore Manor could be yours for less than the cost of that old beat up Nissan Nene was pushing in season 1


Before I spill this piping hot tea I have to say that I am not an investigative journalist but I knew that before I told this story it was important for me to do my due diligence and verify the receipts that were provided by an anonymous source… and boy did they check out. But for now I’ll clarify that these are just Allegations.

It’s true!  Kenya Moore could lose her home (Moore Manor) over $7000 Tax Debt chile!

Moore Manor might be up for auction in the next week or so if Kenya Moore doesn’t pay it!

Facebook user F Murray Ford was browsing the net and ran across the infamous Moore Manor being up for auction for none payment on taxes.


Here is the Tea:

  1. According to the Fulton County Tax office’s official website, it seems as tho Kenya Moore has allegedly not paid taxes since she bought the home in 2016 leaving her balance a few dollars shy of $7000.
  2. Fulton County has intervened and have reportedly decided to take matters into their own hand after just one missed payment. Now Everybody knows that Uncle Sam does not play about taxes and in Fulton County, they have no sympathy for our beloved Atlanta Celebs.
  3. At 10 am on December 5 on the steps of Fulton County Courthouse, Moore Manor will be up for bidding starting at $6,984.85 which is the amount the Queen owes on her City and County tax bills.

4.  It’s understood that Fulton county will reach out for so many times before things get to this level and I don’t know if Matt has been running down to the mailbox at the Manor looking for that check he claims her was promised and never paid, but this is just out of control. Not paying property taxes is a huge deal, and there have been other celebrities like Mike Tyson who have suffered a similar fate which is why Rick Ross is now living in his popular Georgia Estate.

Reciepts & Things:

You can start you search to verify these receipts here:

Get Reciepts


So what should we do team Twirl? Should I start a go fund me campaign for Kenya Moore, our Queen, or should I hit up Kandi for a loan on Kenya’s behalf. I know y’all will have a lot to say so I cant wait to meet you down in the comments.


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